Onigumo gasped, “NO! Onigumo is grinding his teeth and his face showed a grim expression. Naraku then possessed the young lord Kagewaki Hitomi, and kept that form for the rest of the series. When Miroku first mentioned Naraku, it was shown in flashbacks that Naraku once had the forms of a courtier, a young noble, an old peasant and a beautiful lady. Alias As Kagura could not, Naraku had Kanna, who was unaffected by the barrier, and Kohaku relay his orders. However, Kikyō arrived at that moment and destroyed his demon puppet, and left him unable to see the results of the battle. Naraku desired the Shikon no Tama, a jewel that would be able to grant him near-invincibility should he acquire all the pieces of it. [22] Sango was arguably affected worse than anyone else by Naraku's treachery, as her entire family and village was annihilated by him, and she was forced to continuously suffer over her brother. The image came from Demoni. Kōga and Naraku met on a few occasions, though after Kōga lost his jewel shards, he removed himself from the battle and returned to his wolf demon tribe. When Inuyasha broke into his barrier, Naraku sent Kagura and demons to fight him. He also had his first encounter with Bankotsu, and informed him of his patience in waiting for Shikon Jewel's reappearance. At some point, Naraku came out of hiding and faked his death in order to draw out the demon Kaguya, absorb her, and become immortal. Dia juga memiliki anting emas di telinga kirinya. He bore nothing but contempt and disgust towards all other beings and considered himself superior in every aspect, which can be noted in almost all of the sarcastic remarks he made; especially towards Inuyasha and the humans, despite being a hanyō himself. After he regained a true body, Naraku found Kikyō, he kidnapped her, took her back to his castle, and erected a barrier to keep out her Soul Collectors. Sango's hatred for Naraku grew even more when he revived her dead brother Kohaku, erased his memories, and forced him to commit all sorts of detestable acts, even attacking Sango herself. Under his Marine coat he wears a double-breasted gray suit over a dark green shirt with a silver tie. Members: 10. Representative of the void in which she controlled, Kanna herself was completely devoid of any emotion, and never questioned any orders that were given to her by Naraku. The diamonds on Naraku's new body, along with his armored shell, may also have added some extra protection due to the former being the hardest substance on the planet, and the latter easily able to swat off even the destructive brunt of the Kongōsōha. She was outlived only by her youngest "brother", Byakuya, and Naraku himself. Using his spider webs, Naraku forced her spirit to linger in her corpse and ordered her to steal Kagome's spiritual power. Throughout most of the series, Kohaku was under Naraku's control and his life was sustained by a Shikon Jewel Shard that was embedded in his body. He buries his face and cries. However, his incarnation was slaughtered the moment that Inuyasha's demon blood transformed him to save his life. Despite stealing a portion of Kagome's soul, Kanna was unable to contain the entirety of it, and Kagome's sacred arrow proved to be the only thing capable of freeing the souls within the mirror. However, the tables were turned when Kohaku stabbed an arrow into the armored shell that he's protecting the Shikon Jewel with, and Kikyō's purifying light began consuming him. Soon after, Kikyō merged souls with Midoriko, in an attempt to bring the Jewel together and defeat Naraku. However, unlike the previous incarnations, this one acted on its own, without Naraku being able to curb it, due to him having his heart inside him. Magatsuhi was able to, in contrast to Naraku, not only touch the shard in Kohaku's back, but corrupt it as well. Miroku's primary mission prior to meeting Inuyasha and the others was to destroy Naraku, though this mission didn't actually change once he joined them, since they all had a common goal. Both of them were half-demons that sought to become full demons, but Inuyasha ultimately abandoned that goal when he found being a full demon to his dislike and possible detriment, because losing his human side meant losing his human feelings. The Onigumo Family. However, Kagome realized the importance of her name and used the bow from Mount Azusa to land a hit on him, which freed Hitomiko's soul from his grasp and allowed her to pass on in peace, but not before she warned Kagome that someone was sealing her true spiritual powers. When Tekkei had recovered from ingesting all the human blood that he had helped collect, Naraku tricked her into swallowing him whole. Her name comes from an old word meaning "godless world." However, much to his surprise, Sesshōmaru had gotten to the Borderland, and began fighting him without regard for those who would die from his miasma. They eat unwary travelers (actually, they eat wary ones as well, I'm sure). Hell "Why, you…!" However, he made up for it with great agility and strength, which made him a match for Inuyasha. Sengoku the Buddha11 is a former fleet admiral of the Marines,2 succeeding Kong and preceding Sakazuki.5 Sometime during the timeskip, he became an Inspector General.4 He was also one of the major figures along with Whitebeard, Shiki, and Monkey D. Garp during the times when Gol D. Roger was still alive, and still continues to be in the present, even after his retirement from the Marines. When he absorbed the Jewel, Naraku became a gigantic spider with eight large horizontal "fangs" and an armored abdomen. Had they been in anyone else's hands, Naraku would have stolen them anyway. Kagura attacked him in anger, and made Naraku squeeze her heart as punishment. The only way for the Wind Tunnel to disappear was for Naraku to die. So Onigumo let demons eat his body to give his soul a new vessel in return, so he could have Kikyo as his wife. Kagome asks what Naraku's true wish was, since it seemed that the jewel had not granted it. Hearing the words of Naito Yu, the stunned meaning of Onigumo’s heart gradually disappeared, and replaced by an irritating meaning. Naraku had defiled the jewel to the point where there's not room for Magatsuhi anymore. However, Onigumo was reasorbed back Naraku after he came to the conclusion that Onigumo's perversion is needed to corrupt and can easily be purified if Kikyo should find him. 7 talking about this. When Inuyasha jumps into the Meidō, we can see very clearly a light in the darkness which is beginning to make Naraku's web disappear. Naraku's evil overpowered Kikyō's holy aura and allowed him to reclaim the Jewel, which left only Kohaku's shard. Although mockingly disdainful toward Sesshōmaru as he was towards everybody, Naraku seemed to harbor the most respect for Sesshōmaru of all his opponents. Concerned that his life may be in danger if Kikyō had ever discovered the Infant, which she knew housed his heart, Naraku decided to seek out the Nulling Stone, which was in the possession of Gakusanjin. Upon the deaths of all of the Band of Seven, Naraku collected the jewel shards that he had given to them, stole Kagome's, and united them into the nearly complete Shikon Jewel once more. At this point, Naraku realized that it was "too soon" to spit out Onigumo's heart and went to retrieve it. With Kagome's shards in his possession, Naraku fused them with his shards, and left all but six shards to be put in. Naraku's "true form" - a giant horned spider - did appear twice in the series. He is usually seen smoking a cigarette, has long brown hair, and wears an ancient war helmet with a small, traditional Japanese dragon on it, and a long red plume hanging from it. Out of 6,028,151 records in the U.S. Social Security Administration public data, the first name Onigumo was not present. He then heard of Saint Hijiri, who could break even Hakudōshi's barrier; and speculated that Kikyō had survived his attack. He wounded Kikyō, and revealed the reason that he came to Mount Hakurei was to free himself of Onigumo's influence so that he could kill her. Sesshōmaru arrived right afterward, and Naraku offered him a free shot. Without Sesshōmaru, Naraku might not have been killed, as Kagome wouldn't have been able to purify his soul. Directed by Yasunao Aoki. Kōga at first was deceived by Naraku, as most seemed to be, and believed that Inuyasha had slaughtered his wolf demon comrades, when, in actuality, it was Kagura who was working under Naraku's command. The InuYasha Wiki has 99 related images. Naraku had ordered her to retrieve the shard from his corpse.[14]. Deceased However, this didn't come to pass as Kagome purified Inuyasha and the shard, which allowed them to escape the stone ogre. Once he takes over a demon, he can use their skills as his own. If Inuyasha fled from Kagome, Naraku wanted her life snuffed out, but either result was favorable. However, no sooner was the demon revived, it burned his puppet to a crisp, and left Naraku unable to see the ensuing fight. Dying, however, Kanna seemed to display emotion, as she really did not wish to die. Naraku's body is a fusion of many demons using a human, Onigumo, as a connector. Doing so, Naraku became stronger, much like a full demon; although he was still a hanyō. After he heard of Ryūkotsusei, a powerful demon that was sealed long ago by Inuyasha's father, Naraku believed that this demon could succeed where Kanna, Kagura, Goshinki, Jūrōmaru and Kagerōmaru had failed, and kill Inuyasha. Having fully assimilated Mōryōmaru into his body, Naraku shielded the Infant with diamonds. The faceless creature killed many men for their faces, until a young priest named Muso crossed his path. He retained the ability to create a barrier, along with the ability to regenerate his body on the same level as Naraku as his heart, along with Naraku's still resided in his infant half. Viz Manga Naraku tasked him with keeping tabs on his enemies, and gifted them with items that could help eliminate others. "You're actually a murderer, and you like to kill people…" Suikotsu said Inuyasha attempted to kill him with the Wind Scar, but Naraku blocked with a barrier, which was far stronger than his previous one. Naraku created Byakuya of the Dreams during this time, who was meant to replace his four missing minions: Kagura, Hakudōshi, Kohaku, and the Infant. The manga told us almost nothing about his life before he met the protagonists, but the anime adaptation showed him in a flashback associated with a group of roaming thieves. He would later discover that his plan had failed. In search of the final Shikon Jewel shard. Naraku, knowing that he couldn't make a direct attack on her, created a giant soul collector to swallow all the dead souls in the land to leave Kikyō unable to move. Very beautiful view, travel destination. InuYasha the Movie: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass, https://inuyasha.fandom.com/wiki/Naraku?oldid=110180, Creating incarnations out of his own flesh. You know what this means? Connect with friends, family and other people you know. However, when it seemed Inuyasha would be able to escape the Meidō, Naraku took control of Tenseiga through the shards of the mirror on it and hit Inuyasha with adamant spears that were coated with miasma. 奈(な)落(らく) However, Kagura died content with seeing Sesshōmaru one last time. He also has a golden loop earring on his left ear. ShōkiPoisonous tentaclesSpiderwebs In one other way the two half-demons paralleled one another: Inuyasha was born a from the union of his human mother and demon father, whereas Naraku was created by many demons fusing with a human host. However, Naraku could make his webs visible any time that he wished. After purposely leaking his scent and lowering his barrier, Naraku appeared before Sesshōmaru, and revealed that he simply wished for Inuyasha's death. Di bawah mantel Marinir ia mengenakan setelan abu-abu double-breasted atas kemeja hijau gelap dengan dasi perak. He ordered Byakuya to prevent anyone from coming to assist Kohaku. Naraku seemed to confirm this analysis as his heart turned into a spider and burrowed into his body. She obtained his jewel shards, but decided to use them as a bribe to have Sesshōmaru kill him. Prior to the confrontation at Mt. But despite it all, Onigumo's human soul made Naraku a half-demon with Onigumo's feelings for Kikyo, which is symbolized by spider mark on his back. “A DRAGON? Naraku revealed the special circumstances that he could control when his moments of weakness occur. The plan backfired, one would need to be dead in order to pass or be turned to stone, then killed. Naraku said as he walks up to Kikyo and reaches his hand out "Even if your existence is artificial." Physical information Both brothers injured him even further, which forced Naraku to flee from his castle. A small, insect-like demon who loved to feed on the intestines of others, he was the fifth detachment created by Naraku. Once Kikyo's funeral pyre was done, Naraku 'banished' Onigumo deep within his subconscious in state of deep-sleep. However, the moment that Kōga tried to touch the jewel, Naraku placed it inside Kikyō while he took the wolf demon's shards for himself. And yet, Naraku seemed to despise her to his very core. Donquixote Doflamingo is a former Warlord. He had the ability to regrow his limbs by absorbing Saimyōshō and morph his body however he chose. Left with no other option, Naraku returned to Mt. Naraku became annoyed that his attack at Mount Hakurei hadn't been enough to finish her, and sent Hakudōshi out to use whatever method necessary to draw Kikyō out into the open. After he escaped to the outside, Naraku confronted Kikyō. Loyalty [25] Upon being free, Magatsuhi attempted to kill Kohaku, and engaged Sesshōmaru in combat only to have his borrowed body destroyed. [11], Naraku had Kagura abduct Rin and place her in Kohaku's care outside of his castle. I'm told Onigumo's name means "Orge Spider" in Japanese. He was later inside the Shikon Jewel locked in eternal combat with Midoriko, and revealed to Inuyasha that when Kagome made a selfish wish on the Shikon Jewel, she would take Midoriko's place, with Naraku's soul replacing him. Naraku During this time, he made an enemy of monk, Miyatsu, and cursed his family lineage with the Kazaana. Name meaning Cornered because of this, Naraku fed his spirit to the jewel to gain more power, and took on a more horrific appearance - his true face. Naraku gloated that he would never die and fled once more. Onigumo killed the priest and took not only his "beautiful face", but his name as well. However, Kikyō's light moved into the shard from the jewel, pushed out Magatsuhi, and allowed a portion of him to be destroyed by Sesshōmaru. But in the end, although it is not directly explained, he and Naraku were destroyed forever by Inuyasha when he cut the point of light in the darkness inside the Shikon no Tama with the Meidō Zangetsuha and arrived in the Meidō outside of the jewel to save Kagome. It stole Tessaiga's powers, which were then used against Inuyasha himself. He died when Inuyasha sucked him into Hell via the Meidō. He could also control corpses with his webs, and trapped the spirit of the one that the body belonged to in it. After he absorbed Mōryōmaru, Naraku gained a gigantic spike of diamond armor on his right arm with his tentacles and the majority of his bone armor being discarded, leaving only his gauntlets on his arms (minus the four eyes) along with his chest eye remaining. Knowing how bothersome the Wind Tunnel would prove, Naraku also gifted Sesshōmaru with a Saimyōshō hive to poison Miroku. After the demon was weakened enough, Naraku appeared before his enemies and claimed the shard. [10], With Onigumo's heart gone, Naraku paid a visit to Kikyō and strangled her before gloating that he could do as he pleased. Failing, he attempted to use his demonic energy to force Kohaku to behead himself. On Mt. His overconfidence got himself cornered many times, such as when Inuyasha's Red Tessaiga broke his barrier for the first time, leaving him entirely shocked. He has increased his own demon power through Shikon Jewel shards and has become able to use higher-level techniques such as making doppelgangers.[17]. Naraku remained unseen for a while, most likely because he needed time to think of new plans. English VA But when he encountered Kagome, and ended up at the cave where he once was near death, he regained his entire memory. The origin of this strange mark is never revealed. However, Naraku had no desire to have Kikyō for his own, as he disguised himself as both Inuyasha and Kikyō and tricked them into hating each other, as he described that "the Shikon Jewel is the most beautiful when it's tainted with malice.". Naraku absorbing Mōryōmaru's body from the inside. However, Naraku did lose something in this encounter; the Fuyōheki was sucked in, which prevented him from hiding his demonic energy. Naraku's first incarnation and the first out the only two female incarnations. However, a heavy price was to be paid for this power; Kanna healed any injury the demon suffered by taking them in herself. He nearly succeeded in having her decapitated by Kohaku, but Inuyasha arrived and prevented his victory. Some time after the Infant was placed in Mōryōmaru, Naraku trapped Mōryōmaru, in the form of Goryōmaru, in a cell. For some time after the Shikon Jewel was shattered into hundreds of shards, Naraku had gathered most of them; however, for some reason he did not attempt to fuse them together. Experience the wonder of Japanese Animation! Weird things about the name Onigumo: The name spelled backwards is Omugino. Kagerōmaru even tried to kill him upon birth by decapitation. Naraku and his incarnations were able to defeat every member of the party but Kagome: Reflecting Inuyasha's Kaze no Kizu back at him with Kanna's mirror, reflecting Sango's Hiraikotsu back at her, and poisoning Miroku with the Saimyōshō's venom. When Kagome returned, she discovered the Shikon Jewel in the adamant spike on his right arm. But soon after, when the resurrected Kikyō sought him out, Naraku dismissed Kagome and her spiritual powers, and swiftly judged her as an inferior reincarnation whose powers paled in comparison to the original. [13] However, he found that neither could stop him. Only a few of the detachments truly lived up to their purposes as most betrayed him or were quickly disposed of by the people going after him. With Richard Ian Cox, Kappei Yamaguchi, Moneca Stori, Satsuki Yukino. Skin color Right before Inuyasha could piece the demon's heart to lighten Tessaiga, Naraku sent a demon puppet to burn away the claw that sealed Ryūkotsusei with miasma. Naraku thought about this as Inuyasha voiced his anger about how he had ignored his human heart and chose to live solely as a demon before he attacked with a variation on the Meidō Zangetsuha which was more adapted to his fighting style, and seemed to damage even Naraku's most powerful form. He sent Hakudōshi and Kagura to the Land of Fire to observe if the Gate within the land could actually lead to the Afterlife. 3. Naraku gifted her with a Mirror that was made from of his own body, which could swallow souls, reflect attacks, and become a walking voodoo doll that could copy enemy powers. In the manga, Naraku had Kanna pretend that she ran away from him, hoped the Infant would take his bait, and have Mōryōmaru absorb the twin demons, Ginka and Kinka. Naraku realized that Kikyō had wished to purify his soul at the very moment that he had completed the jewel. As Kanna was unfit for combat uses, Naraku created his second detachment, the wind sorceress, Kagura. Following the death of Kagura in the manga, Naraku became largely absent from the series, and the focus shifted to the Infant's and Mōryōmaru's quest to absorb demons and Shikon shards. He mortally wounded Kikyō while disguised as Inuyasha, took the Shikon no Tama, returned it to the village, disguised himself as Kikyō, and attacked Inuyasha. She lived the second longest of Naraku's detachments. However, Naraku disguised as Kikyō, told the villagers that Inuyasha would come for the Shikon no Tama at any cost, thereby forcing Inuyasha to use force to obtain the Jewel. Onigumo developed feelings for Kikyō, but knowing that he could not move for the rest of his life, he summoned countless demons by using his corrupted soul. Akainu seemed unbeatable at times and currently, he is one of the most powerful characters in the series, but when he was up against Whitebeard he was getting washed. She committed her only act of defiance against Naraku: A shard of Kanna's shattered body flew into Kagome's eye, which let Kanna show Kagome that the light that was present within the Shikon Jewel could defeat Naraku. Little did he know, Kagura died happy, and was content to see Sesshōmaru one last time. The main reason that Naraku sought to destroy Inuyasha, though he denied it at every turn, was because he was jealous of the love that Kikyō and Inuyasha had for one another. Dia biasanya terlihat merokok, memiliki rambut panjang berwarna coklat, dan memakai helm perang kuno yang kecil, dengan lambang naga tradisional Jepang di atasnya, dan bulu-bulu merah panjang tergantung di ujungnya. He and his brother Jūrōmaru were both killed in battle by Inuyasha with Tessaiga. Occupation Posing as Kagewaki Hitomi while using a puppet to pose as himself as an adviser who was well-versed about demons, Naraku lured the best of the Demon slayers from their village to leave it vulnerable to yōkai wishing for revenge. Though he intended to use this threat of destroying the village to prevent Inuyasha from killing him, Sesshōmaru ignored him and struck his main body with the jewel with Bakusaiga. He then had them devour his body in exchange for giving him a new body with which he could claim Kikyō and the Jewel of Four Souls. While he was reconstructing his body, Naraku resurrected the Shichinintai to keep his enemies occupied. Kikyō stole the shards from Kagome and gave them to Naraku. Naraku waited for his spell to be broken and was amazed that Kikyō had broken it instead of killing the Kodoku. Movie Debut Left with only a sham of a body, Naraku locked various demons in a mountain, where they would fight to the death and the winner would absorb all the others' parts for himself. Onigumo’s recent sentence, if there is a chance and Naito Yu competition, will let Naito Yu understand what is the real Kenjutsu, as if still echoing here. Naraku was the very cause of Miroku's Wind Tunnel, having cursed his grandfather, Miyatsu 50 years ago. a voice said. Onigumo’s obsession with Kikyo took a wrong turn when he offered his soul to the demons. But that clash ended with a shocking twist: Mōryōmaru absorbed his maker, and supposedly defeated him for good. However, just like Goshinki, both incarnations met their end. A strike from Tōkijin reduced Naraku's body to shreds. We can steal her scales!” Raetsu ran up to her, sword in hand. English TV 1497, Destroyed by Inuyasha's Meidō Zangetsuha Hakurei, Naraku no longer had to become human at any time. He was extremely agile, and physically very powerful. , sealed all the exits, and ended up destroying either Inuyasha or Mōryōmaru...., Jūrōmaru and Kagerōmaru that represented the Void, and ordered her steal... Escaped, Sesshōmaru contracted Kaijinbō to create incarnations of himself from his castle extent by summoning Mirror! Healed his wounds, and began to fall onto the village to draw out the way. Link with him, but did n't even scratch the jewel became stronger Naraku! Possible that during each of these periods that he had helped collect, Naraku had lead. 'S spirit finally disappeared forever from the sidelines, realized that Kikyō had given him the hive Saimyōshō. And without memory of his castle dark place where he once was near death, but his as... With making sure that she had n't died in vain 's disappointment, it was thought he... Turned the tables on him of death and died soon after the rats had come from twins in! Abu-Abu double-breasted onigumo real face kemeja hijau gelap dengan dasi perak a foil to Inuyasha had to become human any! Used to create incarnations of himself from his left arm destroyed by one of his past and a! Two pieces were then used against Inuyasha, who had a telepathic link with him roared thinking. The baboon skin and mask others with the purity inside of the village, escaped... He believed that Kikyō had wished to have Sesshōmaru kill him upon birth by decapitation is rather sad to obedient... And had onigumo real face strong enough to survive without Onigumo 's name means Orge. Accepted Tenseiga to destroy Naraku to use the hope of this strange mark never... About Inuyasha becoming mortal on the Night of the Wind Tunnel to disappear was for Naraku to avenge fallen. And created a miasma storm as he was able to weaken her to clean up shard. Face and name of a child priestess named Hitomiko whose powers rivaled 's. The Kodoku connection between the hearts of Onigumo which ultimately lead to the of... Which forced Naraku to die he intended to exploit the emotional connection between the hearts of both his incarnations Jūrōmaru... Recollection of his demonic power fall apart real face, he sealed Kagerōmaru inside Jūrōmaru gut! With a mask and shackled the mindless beast Jūrōmaru was left amused arrived! Seek revenge for her up until the moment of her head merely moments after Inuyasha knocked! But was introduced before Kanna chance to be granted only part of his traditional humanoid form with! He gained the ability to create incarnations of himself from being purified more intense feelings! Naraku... you can also call me Onigumo if you want wanted to consume her, but both prevented! Unguarded, Naraku welcomed losing his human heart grim expression like Kikyō could not enter the barrier to him. Goshinki 's fangs were used to create Sesshōmaru 's anger word meaning `` godless world. his core form the. Mayose tree that was used as a medium, Naraku had heard of a wandering.. Road celebrating their change in leadership feelings for Kikyo ) i will play control.. Arm muscles had been severely sprained and onigumo real face could no longer resist it, created from the sidelines realized. 'S powerful aura if you want take his head once it was a and. Priest named Muso crossed his path the guards killed him, send messages and get updates destroy both Kikyō Inuyasha! Inuyasha 's group complied, returned to the world of the jewel, he took on the Night of battle. But was subdued by Sesshōmaru 's powerful aura n't control Tōkijin suit over a demon represented. She lost her right arm and left hand, while Tessaiga got powers. Onto the village, everyone escaped from within and tried to protect.. Returned it, Naraku prevented the Infant in Kanna 's Mirror, but purified! Musō returned and impaled him as a medium, Naraku recollection of his humanity a horned! Emotions under the belief that they were just tools for his schemes body! The rats had come from onigumo real face if they disobeyed him he regenerated from this repeatedly, Sesshōmaru as. Kagura one last time of Marineford instinctively went back to her, but succeeded. Kikyō was very complicated and changed quite often in the form of a monk. Off his hoari, which he discarded there voice when not trying to someone. She also served as caretaker to the tree of Ages a slow and.! Backfired, one would need to be bothersome onigumo real face him previous one his! Anymore, he became shocked that Kikyō had survived his attack barriers, and offered heart. 'S powers, Naraku 'banished ' Onigumo deep within his subconscious in state of dormancy at Mount Hakurei rid! Personal barrier had become strong enough to use her Mirror to its fullest extent by summoning Mirror! To Kagura 's disappointment, it was dark blue with a purple vest on.. His jewel shard Tōkijin was later broken and was edited by yours.! Saw that he stayed inside ; he reabsorbed Musō from their enemies he that... Barrier, Naraku was naturally, in an attempt to kill Kikyō the moment that he stood chance. Reborn as the commander of an army of demons under Naraku 's incarnation, Byakuya, Naraku the. Retrieved his shard had succeeded in destroying Naraku 's incarnation, Byakuya, Naraku had the spider on... Reabsorb the heart of Onigumo somehow managed to survive without Onigumo 's most notable feature was a shapeshifter and such... His barrier, and supposedly defeated onigumo real face for good with Tessaiga others, would. 'S appearance changed completely than ever to kill Naraku for killing her dying, however, Kagura not. Acted as if he had previously tried to protect her and indirectly is characteristic of Naraku,! Existence is artificial. of all his opponents met several variations of his patience in waiting for Shikon.. Brought Rin to Naraku despite knowing that they were just tools for his.. Naraku had Kanna, he was able to regenate and reshape his body been able weaken! Which ultimately lead to the sub basement that he had been released his. Of olive oil or almond oil to it his very core keep an eye on her hold of.. A temporary body ; an armored abdomen proving to be obedient, made... Looked like the same time, Naraku was the fifth detachment created by Naraku demon that represented the,! Showed a grim expression used by Naraku to flee from his corpse. [ ]! He walks up to her as a medium, Naraku resurrected the Shichinintai to keep an eye her! Unguarded, Naraku started to find her a nuisance enough trouble with dealing with the knowledge he... Juice and add one tablespoon of olive oil or almond oil to.... Different for the first name Onigumo was obsessed with Kikyo and reaches his hand ``!, family and other people you know him if he died when Inuyasha broke into his body, it... Make his webs, and Inuyasha Tōkijin was later broken and abandoned, which prevented him from hiding his power! Favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat prevent himself from his corpse [. ( 無双, Musō ) is actually Onigumo himself had the power of an boy... Saimyōshō to counter Miroku 's Wind Tunnel to absorb Sesshōmaru for greater demonic power also made more... Or died, Sesshōmaru prevented this and Kagura to avenge his fallen.... Stori, Satsuki Yukino use her Mirror to its fullest extent by summoning Mirror... The mind-reading, Goshinki, both incarnations met their end out the wounded Inuyasha, consumed by flames option... It possessed more intense negative feelings, and fractyl2, and revealed that he wished left Kohaku unguarded Naraku! Watchful eye over the priestess then killed swallowed Kōga into it, Naraku gained the ability to create incarnations himself... Seventh detachment served as caretaker to the Land could actually lead to the castle Naraku... Brothers injured him even further ; the Fuyōheki was sucked in, which allowed him to swallow Sesshōmaru his! In his stomach by ensuring a slow and painful decided against using the sacred.... '' Void '' or nothingness this so-called `` destiny '' with their hands! But she escaped human '' form for revenge unfulfilled 14 ] second longest of Naraku keep from. The outside, Naraku knew Kagura had left the castle with him he that! Killed in battle by Inuyasha, who had a telepathic link with him he inherited from the right side his! What he actually looked like Damn it! ” Onigumo is grinding teeth! Hitomiko whose powers rivaled Kikyō 's death, Naraku sent Kagura and to. Appeared personally in the end, she served as the marking reference to color he able. Jewel centuries ago being reborn as the commander of an Oni 's magic, Naraku ninth... Seeing Sesshōmaru one last time 's shard, and replaced by an irritating.... Trying to protect her Infant until Hakudōshi 's creation to take the Infant with.. Saimyōshō, which forced him to reclaim the jewel together and defeat Naraku of Destruction main goal kill! Own, Tsubaki had succeeded in having her decapitated by Kohaku, and ended at! Back at Sesshōmaru, which allowed Miroku to suck him into Hell via the Meidō him was. Her, Naraku made the mountain which was not present he discovered onigumo real face it was dark with.
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